The Nightmare Before Christmas:Nightmare Before Christmas - Trick or Tree - Triptych

by Walt Disney Storybooks

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  • Limited Edition of 350 Prints
  • Giclee on Paper
  • Overall Size 17 Inches Tall by 47 Inches Wide.
Only Available Framed. Overall Framed Size 17 inches by 47 inches.
Enter an extraordinary world filled with wonder, where each holiday has its own town. This is the heartfelt tale of Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King of Halloweentown. Bored with the same old tricks and treats, he yearns for something more, and one autumn day stumbles into the magical place called Christmastown. Jack is so taken with the idea of this new holiday that he tries to convince the dark denizens of Halloweentown to help him put on a Merry Christmas. But as his dream to fill Santa1s shoes unravels, it's up to Sally, the lovelorn rag doll, to stitch things back together. This critically acclaimed film continues to capture imaginations of audiences everywhere with its Academy Award-nominated stop-motion effects, engaging Grammy-nominated music, and the genius of Tim Burton. The Story Having seen the merriment of Christmastown, Jack Skellington decides that, for once, the dark denizens of Halloweentown should be in charge of Christmas. Only his secret admirer, Sally the lovelorn rag doll, wonders if Jack's plan to claim Christmas is as misbegotten as it sounds. The Artwork This unique stop-motion animated film, which took over 140 artists and technicians to produce, deserves an extraordinary presentation specially-created triptych. Triptychs originated in ancient Rome as a writing tablet with three hinged waxed leaves, later evolving into three hinged images used to decorate buildings, especially churches. This edition, "Trick or Tree" recreates Sequence 101 (left panel), Sequence 407 (center panel) and Sequence 206 (right panel) from Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas (1993). This special triptych is offered in two versions - A paper edition consisting of three deckle-edged giclee prints ands mats printed with the pattern from Sally's rag-tag dress, and a canvas edition Sally was not part of the delightfully twisted tale's origin as a Dr. Seuss-like poem written by Tim Burton in the early 1980s. When the poem was developed as a film, it was clear that the lead character, Jack, needed a soul mate. The solution was Sally, a Frankenstein-like rag doll, sewn together from mismatched scraps by the Evil Scientist, Dr. Finklestein. Screenwriter Caroline Thompson explained that Sally "is Jack's truest friend. Only she understands what Jack is going through because she, too, dreams of something else from life. They are very much alike, but there is one crucial difference - while Jack's dilemma gives Nightmare Before Christmas its plot, Sally's gives it its heart." From the earliest drafts and drawings of the original poem, Jack Skellington was the central character. "I love Jack," Tim Burton said. "He is a bit misguided and his emotions take over, but he gets everybody excited." Nothing illustrates this better than the triptych's central image, from the film's "The Town Meeting Song" number, in which the Pumpkin King scares up support for his vision of Christmas among the other creepy citizens of Halloweentown. Nearly 230 actual sets were designed and constructed for this cinematic masterpiece. 227 puppets painstakingly created from foam with a machined armature inside of actual production resulted in the most elaborate stop-motion film ever created, with unique characters unlike any ever seen. The result has been screams of delight from audiences everywhere. These character images were created using the fine art printing process of color reproduction known as giclee. In this process, a computer-based digital file is printed by spraying millions of pixel-sized drops of ink per second onto premium-quality, acid-free paper with an enhanced printer, specially modified for fine art reproduction. Based on actual film moments from Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas, a hand oil-painted reproduction was digitally scanned and modified to create both the paper and canvas editions.

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