Cinderella:Cinderella - Dream Waltz

by Walt Disney Limited Editions

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  • Certificate of Authentication
  • Hand-Painted One-of-One Limited Edition of 300 Sequential Cels
  • Framed One-of-a-Kind, Hand-Inked, Hand-Painted Cel
  • Image Size 11.5 Inches Tall by 16 Inches Wide.
  • Framed Size 22.5 Inches Tall by 27 Inches Wide.
Hand-Painted One-of-One Limited Edition of 300 Sequential Cels
The Artwork For the first time in its history, Walt Disney Art Classics released a collection of one-of-a-kind hand-painted cels which re-animates an entire scene from the classic film. Each cel in the edition is a hand-painted original, created in the same way that Disney artists created the scene from Cinderella, back in 1950. Each piece is set against a giclee background and is distinctly numbered to note its uniqueness. One hundred and forty-five one-of-a-kind cels make up this special offering. Each cel in this edition is created from its own unique drawing used in the original production. This is a sample image, the actual image may vary slightly.

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