Tarzan:Tarzan - Surfing on a Vine

by Walt Disney Art Classics

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  • Certificate of Authentication
  • Signed
  • Framed Limited Edition of 2,500 Sericels
  • Framed Sericel
  • Image Size 13 Inches Tall by 17 Inches Wide.
  • Framed Size 20.5 Inches Tall by 24.5 Inches Wide.
Signed by the Voice of Tarzan - Tony Goldwyn
The Story An orphaned human raised by apes, Tarzan slides, swings, and surfs through his wilderness habitat with the grace and the swiftness of a jungle animal. The Artwork This is a limited edition sericel depicting five poses of a character from Walt Disney Pictures' Tarzan. This sericel edition "Surfing on a Vine," was inspired by Sequence 8.4, Scene 69.50 of the 1999 animated feature. Edgar Rice Burroughs' Tarzan is a creature of his environment. The author describes an "ape man" who can quickly and easily navigate the jungle canopies. Tarzan's supervising animator Glen Keane saw in Burrough's creation the opportunity to create a truly animated Tarzan, a dynamic figure who moves through the trees was inspired by Keane's son's fascination with extreme sports. Keane observed modern skateboarders, surfers, and other high-adrenaline athletes in order to capture what would be impossible to achieve in any medium other than animation. The Walt Disney Studios has created this character image using the fine art screen-printing process of color reproduction known as serigraphy. Disney artists, working from original animation drawings and film reference materials used for the production of Tarzan, specially created a hand-inked, hand-painted animation cel master which was used as a reference in the production of these sericels. A total of 17 colors were then used to recreate the color image, each of which has been exactingly screen-printed, one color at a time, onto the acetate cel. The Film Eyebrows were raised throughout Hollywood and the animation world when Disney announced plans to bring Edgar Rice Burroughs' classic 1913 story Tarzan of the Apes to the screen. Walt Disney Feature Animation, however, found that most of the previous films had never truly utilized thestory and characters of the original novel, and that animation provided the only medium where the Tarzan of fiction could accurately be portrayed. For instance, the Tarzan of prose is brought up within a family of gorillas, with whom he carries on conversations and has relationships. The live-action Tarzan films of the past either avoided Tarzan's upbringing or never came close to a credible portrayal of this unique relationship. Disney found in the tale of Tarzan an enduring myth -- and a compelling story. Other films had depicted the obvious action and adventure aspects of the tale. The Disney creative team looked deeper and found the true underlying theme of the legend - the struggle of Tarzan to find his place in the world, to discover both where he comes from and where he belongs.

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