Peter Pan:Peter Pan - Making Mischief

by Walt Disney Art Classics

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  • Certificate of Authentication
  • Framed Limited Edition of 3,500 Sericels
  • Framed Sericel
  • Image Size 14 Inches Tall by 10 Inches Wide.
  • Framed Size 21.5 Inches Tall by 17.75 Inches Wide.
The top mat has been personally hand-signed by Margaret Kerry - The Original Model for Tinkerbell.
The Story In a merry moment of playful teasting. Tinker Bell hides behind a leaf while Peter Pan steams over her mischievous pranks. The Artwork This is a limited-edition sericel depicting characters from Walt Disney's Peter Pan. This sericel edition, "Making Mischief," combines two discrete character poses from Sequence 5, Scenes 66.2 (Tinker Bell) and 66.7 (Peter Pan) of the classic 1953 animated feature. The Walt Disney Studios has created this character image using the fine art screen-printing process of color reproduction known as serigraphy. Disney artists, working from original animation drawings and film reference materials used for the production of Peter Pan, specially created a hand-inked, hand-painted animation cel master which was used inthe production of these sericels. A total of 25 colors are used to recreate the color image, each of which has been exactingly screen-printed, one color at a time, onto the acetate cel. In order to capture the translucent effect created by the luminous pixie, the leaf behind which Tinker Bell hides (and glows through) is part of the "Making Mischief" cel. In the stage version of Peter Pan, Tinker Bell is just a projected beam of light. Tinker Bell owes her shape to the "Pin-Up Girls" of World War II. Margaret Kerry was the live-action reference model for Peter Pan's pixie pal. Tinker Bell is now ever-associated with the Disney organization. After Peter Pan, she became the indroductory icon for the Disney television shows for decades. Tinker Bell also introduces fireworks spectaculars at the Disney theme parks.

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