Mickey Through the Years - The Prince and the Pauper - Prince Mickey

by Walt Disney Art Classics

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  • Certificate of Authentication
  • Framed Limited Edition of 5,000 Sericels
  • Framed Sericel
  • Image Size 10.5 Inches Tall by 9.5 Inches Wide.
  • Framed Size 15 Inches Tall by 14 Inches Wide.
The Story When Pauper Mickey and the Prince discover their identical looks, they decide to switch places for a day to see how the other half lives. Trouble arises, yet the Prince, with Pauper Mickey's help, prevails in the end. The Artwork This is a special limited edition of 5,000 sericels, the fourth in a collection of four sericels depicting milestones in the career of Mickey Mouse. This sericel, "Prince Mickey," is inspired by Scene 33.3 from the 1990 animated featurette The Prince adn the Pauper. The Walt Disney Studios has created this character image using the fine art screen-printing process of color reproduction known as serigraphy. Disney artists specially created a hand-inked, hand-painted animation cel master which was used in the production of these sericels. A total of 22 colors are used to recreate the color image, each of which has been exactingly screen-printed, one color at a time, onto the acetate cel. The background has been lithographically printed on premium-quality, acid-free paper. The background scene accompanying this cel has been recreated by Disney artists who referenced the original layouts, background and frames of the film. The resulting artwork has been lithographically printed on premium-quality, acid-free paper.

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