Mickey Mouse - Sunset for Minnie and Me - Gallery Wrapped

by Trevor Mezak

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Gallery Wrapped

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  • Certificate of Authentication
  • Unnumbered and Unsigned
  • Limited Edition of 1,500 Canvases
  • Giclee on Canvas
  • Image Size 12 Inches Tall by 16 Inches Wide.
  • Overall Size 12 Inches Tall by 16 Inches Wide.
This is part of the Disney Fine Art Treasures on Canvas Collection. It is not hand-signed or individually numbered and only comes gallery wrapped - ready to display, no framing required. The Disney Certificate of Authenticity is on the back of the canvas.

Regular Price: $150.00

Special Price $134.95

You Save $15.05 (10%)


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The Artist

Trevor Mezak

Known for his elaborate use of texture and stirring imagery, Trevor Mezak is an artist who finds the inspiration to create every single day. "I feel the day is missing something if I don't," he says, thankful for having both a growing audience hungry for his paintings and a lively space to produce his one-of-a-kind works. "My studio is filled with loud music, the smell of coffee, my black lab at my side, and the occasional kid running through." This drive and ambition have already helped Mezak become one of the most prolific artists producing compositions for the Disney Fine Art series for Collectors Editions, sending him on his way to becoming one of the most distinguishable artists working with Disney.

Born in Southern California, Mezak has been painting since his teens. He developed his self-taught impressionistic style through his experimentations with many different mediums and techniques - In fact, oil paints have proven to be his medium of choice because of their resulting vivid color and texture, which, he says, best enable him to express his distinctive perception of form, color, shading and tone. As a starving artist, he struggled to make ends meet and was prepared to give up his passion until his mother stepped in, giving him a box of art supplies she found at a garage sale. In this box was a palette knife that felt so good in his hand it ended up becoming his new trademark and revolutionized his entire painting style. By applying oil paints with the old palette knife, Mezak notice he was able to blend and add texture better than with brushes. This palette knife texturing creates an enhanced, three-dimensional look mixed with perfectly formed thick strokes of paint which display mysterious movement. Once he adapted this new impressionistic approach to painting, which has to be seen in person to be best appreciated, collectors and art dealers were blown away, causing his works to be placed in several exhibitions, both locally and nationally.

Mezak's new and well-deserved recognition caused Disney Fine Art to pursue and partner with him in 2013. This partnership unsurprisingly resulted in a surge of sales of his works at the Disney Theme Parks along with Disney, Princess and Carnival Cruise liners. Mezak was also invited to sit in on a meeting at the Disney Burbank Studios with various professional artists, where he spent time going over color palettes, layouts, and the mood behind Disney's next creation, Frozen. "As I left that day," he recalls, "I couldn't wait to get back in my studio and apply all of the knowledge these artists shared." This experience culminated in him submitting his first Frozen characters, Olaf and Elsa. His stellar work resulted in burgeoning excitement among his Disney peers, which, the artist says, "has motivated me to do more." Lucky us.

Beyond being recognized as one of the most distinguished artists from the Disney Fine Art family, Mezak has also rendered memorable pieces that will appeal to non-Disney fans. While he notes artists William DeBilzan and Aldo Luongo among his influences, he draws much of his inspiration from his experiences in the world and the mood they establish. For example, Mezak has always been drawn to the sea, and it shows in his artwork, as he developed a marine life series. "Before painting, I have to go surfing. It puts me in a good place. When you're in a good mood, it shows in your art." Fascinated with the world around him, he has a passion for painting figurative subjects but has also held a long time obsession with the design elements of playing cards, especially face cards.

With his works quickly growing in popularity and selling in galleries, Mezak has placed in exhibitions, both locally and internationally. His pieces can be found in many private and famous name collections such as Michael Brown from the Chicago Bears and late-actor Paul Walker from the "Fast and the Furious." His work is on display in many renowned galleries. His newest figurative series involves a mixture of many of his past painting styles. "I want the mood of my work to transfer over to those viewing it, so they feel as if they are there... at that very place in time." Mezak has been licensed with Disney for only a relatively short time, making his paintings still very affordable. That is, until his popularity increases, which should be assumed when Disney is involved. His star is expected to continue shining bold and bright in the art world.

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