Marvel Comics:Spider-Man No More

by Marvel Comics
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From: $595.00

John Romita, Sr. is a titan of the comic book art world. Considered the best ever to draw Spider-Man, Romita entered the comics industry in 1949 on the series Famous Funnies, which then led into a job working at Marvel predecessor Timely Comics. Working alongside Jack Kirby and Stan Lee, Romita's version of Spider-Man became Marvel's mascot and a premier pop culture icon. Romita's innovative work, includes cover art that appeared 3-dimensional, deep character development of the antihero, and characters that faced many of the same problems as the reader. As one of the original Marvel greats, John Romita, Sr. spawned a revolution in the way comics were drawn.  Straddling the art world Fine Art Artists like Roy Lichtenstein and others often refer to John Romita as their chief inspiration.


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