Sculpture -- Fantasia - Castle Window Glass

Toby Bluth

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Limited Edition of 195 Glass
Combining ancient techniques of incredible skill and craftsmanship with the timeless magic of Disney storytelling, Disney Fine Art Glass is a collection of fine art sculptures unlike any other. Each piece is hand cut and shaped out of optical crystal glass; no molds of any kind are used. The center of each piece is bored out from the bottom and hand painted from the inside using a very tiny specialized brush which holds a few strands of wolf's hair. Master Inside Painters utilize a technique passed down through generations of artists where each inside painting is created one by one, color by color, upside down and backward so that what's visible from the front is a remarkable representation of the Disney Fine Art painting that served as its inspiration. No templates or decals of any kind are used to create each inside painting; therefore every single one is a unique, handcrafted work of art. Whether you are a gallery, museum, or private collector, these heirloom quality masterpieces will bring wonder to all your guests when you share with them one unfathomable fact Each piece of Disney Fine Art Glass is completely hand made and is painted with a tiny brush. Exquisitely packaged in a beautiful presentation box, each limited edition piece includes a certificate of authenticity and a real wolf's hair brush, similar tot he ones used in its creation. All so that they story of how these amazing pieces come to life can be shared among friends, family and passed down to be enjoyed for generations.

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The Artist

Toby Bluth

1940 - 2013

Walt Disney's greatest gift may have been the ability to inspire other people to incomparable creative achievements. Disney artist Toby Bluth happens to be one of those shining talents who, to this day, draws his inspiration from the life and work of the inimitable Walt Disney and his kingdom of creations. Starting with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, continuing with Pinocchio, Fantasia, Dumbo, and Bambi, those first trailblazing feature-length films created and produced by Disney Studios are the five gems in the royal crown of animation history. Just as those films marked Disney's grand entrance into feature length storytelling, they also set the stage for the first five limited edition giclées in Bluth's Disney Fine Art portfolio. Infused with all the depth, texture and richness of Bluth's original watercolors, his fine prints will be cherished for generations, very much in step with the spirit of the timeless classics that inspired them.

Creating those prints was a one-in-a-lifetime endeavor that Bluth did not take lightly - "If you pick up a classic like Snow White, Pinocchio, Dumbo, Fantasia, or Bambi, these are the Disney gold films for me. They are the films the whole studio was built on. And to adjust or tamper with it at all, it needs to be done with great respect because it's a little intimidating. These were brilliant films and you don't want to distract from it."

Born in Texas and raised on a farm in Payson, Utah, Bluth remembers going to movies with his older brother—renowned animator, film director, producer, writer, and former Disney artist Don Bluth