Rolled vs. Stretched vs. Gallery Wrapped Canvas Art

Rolled Canvas (Needs to be Stretched & Framed or Gallery Wrapped)

Rolled Canvas Art Ready to Stretch and Frame or Gallery Wrap Logo

Most publisher and artists ship their unframed art rolled. It is up to the gallery or consumer to stretch and frame or gallery wrap the canvas for display. While it is possible to frame canvas art that has been gallery wrapped; typically it would be stretched for framing or gallery wrapped and displayed unframed.

Stretched Canvas (Ready to Frame)

Canvas Art Stretched and Ready to Frame Logo

Some publisher do ship their art pre-stretched.

* All Thomas Kinkade and Robert Finale limited editions come pre-stretched and ready to frame. They are fine art and are not available unstretched or gallery wrapped.

Gallery Wrapped (No Framing Required, Ready to Display)

Canvas Art Gallery Wrapped and Ready to Display No Framing Required Logo

Canvas art that is gallery wrapped is designed to be displayed without framing. The art needs to be produced with wider borders for this method. Some fine art does not have this option. The borders can be white, black, reverse of the image area or an extended image format (this is pre-determined by the publisher upon production of the canvas and is not an option for the consumer).