Peter Pan:Peter Pan - Portrait of a Pixie - Studio Edition

by Walt Disney Storybooks

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  • Certificate of Authentication
  • Limited Edition of 500 Prints
  • Giclee on Paper
  • Image Size 16 Inches Tall by 11.5 Inches Wide.
  • Overall Size 23.75 Inches Tall by 19.5 Inches Wide.
Studio Edition Studio Editions are limited edition giclee reprodutions of artwork inspired by hand-painted cels. These highly collectible editions are produced with the greatest attention to detail and are enhanced with original production drawings to celebrate the process of animation. This Limited-Edition Giclee Studio Edition of Portrait of a Pixie featuring Tinker Bell as she strikes a sassy pose amidst the exotic flora of Never Land. Smiling sweetly as her beloved Peter Pan speaks, Tink is confident of a special place she holds in his heart-even thought Pan is about to cast her out of Never Land foreverwell, for a week anyhow. Complimenting the limited-edition hand-painted cel, this Limited-Edition Giclee is captures an unforgettable portrait of Tinker Bell from Sequence 5, Scene 66.4 from Walt Disney's animated feature Peter Pan (1953). This little fairy Tinker Bell Glows like a firefly, said Walt Disney, and leaves a trail of pixie dust behind her as she flits about with the speed of a hummingbird. Marc Davis, on of Walt's legendary Nine Old Men of animation and the leading animator of female characters (Marc has assisted on Snow White and was one of the Directing Animators of Cinderella, Alice, the title princess in Sleeping Beauty and Peter Pan's Wendy) animated the pretty little pixie in exactly the magical manner envisioned by Walt. In many ways, Tinker Bell is the essence of Disney personality animation for she is purely a pantomime character-though this pretty little pixie speaks through the jingling sound of bells, her thoughts and emotions are essayed through movement alone. Through Davis' masterful animation, Tink acts and reacts with a wide variety of feelings, from curiosity and happiness to selfishness and fury. The original cel was produced at the Walt Disney Ink and Paint Department, created from the original animation drawings that were used in the production of the animated feature. The recreated background is inspired by the original painting used in the production of the film.

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