Dumbo:Dumbo - A Day at the Studio

by Manny Hernandez

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  • Certificate of Authentication
  • Unnumbered and Unsigned
  • Limited Edition of 1,000 Prints
  • Offset Lithograph on Paper
  • Image Size 6.75 Inches Tall by 10.25 Inches Wide.
  • Framed Size 13.5 Inches Tall by 17 Inches Wide.

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The Artist

Manny Hernandez

Brilliantly composed and illuminated with lively, animated colors, the artwork of Manuel Hernandez seems to leap off the canvas, as our eyes feast on the intricate details, vivid images, and vibrant hues. Keeping in time with the artistic mastery of some of the finest artist to ever fill the annals (and galleries) of Disney, Hernandez not only captures the essential alchemy of this timeless creative tradition, but also moves it reverently forward into the twenty-first century.

Long before he became well-known for his notable contributions to Disney, Hernandez was a skilled and respected artist known for his meticulous attention to detail and unbridled artistic passion, the hallmark to his much-beloved paintings. Citing renowned contemporary artists such as J. C. Leyendecker, Dean Cornwell, and Norman Rockwell as influences of his style, Hernandez honed his talents, sharpening his skills with pen and brush to a level of mastery that should satisfy even the most discerning critic on his way to becoming a celebrated, highly coveted illustrator.

Traditionally trained and armed with both years of study and a relentless drive for perfection, Hernandez, a southern California native, assimilated the powerful style of muralist Diego Rivera into his work, which, when blended with his illustrative technique, helped to create the unique, expressive artwork for which he has become famous. When asked to employ his formidable talents in service of the storied traditions of Disney illustration and animation, Hernandez set about to create a fresh perspective on timeless classics by utilizing modern themes made famous by those early illustrative influences. With an deft, artful touch that both traditionalists and newcomers can appreciate, Hernandez lent some of his own well-trod perspective to the art of Disney, imbuing each scene with themes of Americana. In doing so, he created a unique blend of internationally beloved classic characters and styles that have inspired him throughout his whole life.

In fact, the idealism and romance of the American 1950s is the back drop of some of Hernandez's most well-regarded Disney pieces. Using the clean lines and muted color palettes that influenced the styles and designs of that era, Hernandez set about to create a powerful homage to this iconic period in American history. Each piece in our collection showcases timeless, classic Disney characters, as they revel in the pristine environments and exquisite colors and textures of the age - Classic cars shining with the beautiful gleam of a fresh paint job. The sparkle of polished chrome. The black-and-white checkered malt shop (with neon glowing jukebox). The shimmer of a blue velvet curtain as it parts to welcome Jessica Rabbit to the stage for a sultry ballad. These kinds of images help bring us back to a gentler, less complicated time, while celebrating Hernandez's unique artistic representation of classic Disney characters. We proudly invite you to enjoy the marvelous stories and magnificent detail that Hernandez has masterfully infused into each of his paintings - each brilliantly intricate, yet delightfully uncomplicated in its style and grace. His stunning artwork is now available to purchase online.

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