Batman - Two Storms

by DC Comics
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John Romita Jr.

In many cases, superheroism seems to be a family affair: just look at the cousins Kal-El and Kara-Zor El, the team that makes up Superman and Supergirl, or Batman and the various Robins he has taken on as his adopted sons. The timeless allure of fighting evil, whether doing it or documenting it in the form of comics, persists from generation to generation. This is no exception for John Romita Jr.

John Romita Jr comes from a noble comic pedigree. He was inspired by the work of his father, a prominent creator of Spiderman stories in the 1960’s. When the time came for young John to pick his life path, he decided to follow in the footsteps of Romita Sr, and improve upon his legacy.

John Jr immediately made a splash in the Marvel comics scene, starting with the striking Amazing Spiderman Annual #4. And it only got better from there – his popularity took off following a run on the Uncanny X-Men, and his work on Daredevil garnered him two Eisner Award nominations for best art and inking.
Recently, John has lent his talents to DC Comics through his brilliant work on Superman, All-Star Batman, and others. Fans and critics both agree – his bold, graphic style brings life to the pages in a way that few other artists could. Like father, like son.


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