The Chiarograph (pronounced 'keer-o-graph) is a fusion of traditional printmaking and the latest digital technology. The characteristic of the Chiarograph medium is unique: while each one has a pattern or part of an image that is repeated, the individual hand painting preparation results in a one of a kind print.
First, each sheet of archival, acid-free black paper undergoes a hand brushed basecoat, which will become the printed area. This hand application of the basecoat creates the brush stroke texture behind the printed image, ensuring each piece in the edition is unique, as no two pieces will ever have the same hand painted undercoat.
Then, the Chiarograph printing process identifies the undercoat and prints only on the hand painted area thereby applying the artwork over the texture, and out to the edges of the brushwork. This creates a uniquely organic and whimsical effect to the outer border of each image. The beauty of this media is also in its spontaneity and its combination of printmaking and painting.
Finally, each work of art undergoes three separate coats of hand applied varnish which not only provides UV protection to the image, but results in a luminous sheen to the finish.