Fantasia:Fantasia 2000 - Taking Flight

by Walt Disney Storybooks

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Pines of Rome Composed by Ottorino Respighi Animation Director Hendel Butoy The Story In true flight of fancy, a whale family leaps from the crystal Arctic waters. Their tiny fins become wings as the parents gracefully navigate the cloudscape while their child tries to keep pace. Rising and soaring as if lifted by music, the whales embody the spirit of wonder in a place where sea meets sky. The Artwork The Walt Disney Studios has created this character image using the fine art printing process of color reproduction known as Giclee. Using original digital files used in the production of Fantasia 2000, this process creates a print from the digital source in the way the same digital sorce is used to output from the computer to motion picture film in the creation of the release prints of Fantasia 2000. Thus, each and every print is a first-generation from the digital source. In a press release from February 1995, Roy Disney announced that in his continuation of Walt Disney's Fantasia, Ottorino Respighi's 1924 composition "Pines of Rome" would be featured. However, the release went on to reveal that the piece would depict neither pines nor Rome, "but will use the latest computer-generated animation technology to show a mystical migration of flying humpback whales." "Pines of Rome" had been Roy Disney's first musical suggestion for the continuation of Fantasia, and director Hendel Butoy exchanged early memos with Roy addressing the notion that the music called to mind "something flying." A sketch by Brenda Chapman, of a sort of "cloud-whale" breaching water, inspired Butoy. He felt that "Pines of Rome" contained a sense of majesty that was "cathedral-like;" that its soaring melody caused the listener to look upward. In the end, the actual plot of the segment remains something of a mystery, lending itself - like great music - to an entirely personal interpretation.

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