Dumbo:Dumbo - Special Delivery

by Walt Disney Art Classics

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  • Certificate of Authentication
  • Framed Limited Edition of 3,500 Sericels
  • Framed Sericel
  • Image Size 10 Inches Tall by 10 Inches Wide.
  • Framed Size 16.5 Inches Tall by 16.5 Inches Wide.
The Story In the elephant car of the Circus Train, Mr. Stork delivers Mrs. Jumbo's bright-eyed newborn - a baby who will soon be known as Dumbo. The Artwork Dumbo originated with the galleys of a story by Helen Aberson and Harold Pearl, adapted for the screen by Joe Grant and Dick Huemer. The critical reaction to Dumbo was positive, since many critics of the day felt that Dumbo was a return to its roots for Disney. Disney animator Ward Kimball felt that "the Disney cartoon reached its zenith with Dumbo. Every story element meshes into place, held together with the great fantasy of a flying elephant." This is a limited edition sericel depicting characters from Walt Disney's Dumbo. This sericel edition, "Special Delivery," composses Sequence 3.2, Scenes 18 and 60 of the classic 1941 animated feature into a representative scene. The Walt Disney Studios has created these character images using the fine art screen-printing process of color reproduction known as serigraphy. A total of 14 colors are used to recreate the color image, each of which has been exactingly screen-printed, one color at a time, onto the acetate cel.

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