Autumn Warmth - Original

by Charles White

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  • Signed by Artist
  • Original Oil on Canvas
  • Image Size 16 Inches Tall by 20 Inches Wide.
  • Framed Size 21.5 Inches Tall by 25.5 Inches Wide.

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The Artist

Charles White

In today's world of fast-moving, prefabricated, mass-produced mediocrity, painter Charles White is truly a breath of fresh air, having created thousands of luminous, multilayered artworks that draw viewers into a world of tranquil grace and timeless splendor. Each composition—with the trademark vibrant yet dreamlike sense of depth and atmosphere that his work is so widely known for—demonstrates White's deft brush strokes and meticulous attention to detail, only further illustrating his artistic mastery.

Born in Quebec, Canada in 1943, White displayed a very early proclivity for art by drawing sketches of birds and animals in pencil and ink at the young age six. He developed his formidable talents for draftsmanship to the point where he won a Canadian art contest at age ten. By the time he was in his teens, White began exploring oils, painting landscapes and successfully sold many throughout his teenage years.

Endeavoring to further his artistic acumen and business skills, he attended Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, graduating with a degree in 1967. With more than 50 years of painting experience, White's extraordinary talents are most apparent in his gardens and landscapes, each painted with the utmost attention to the principles of design, color, value and contrast. He skillfully and beautifully captures nature's majestic grace while expressing his detailed understanding of the luminous interplay of light and shadow and infusing lush scenery with detail and a sense of untroubled serenity. White's meticulous attention to detail in his technique creates a dazzling, multi-layered final product that brings the viewer into a world of pastoral beauty and elegance. He travels extensively to locate the most spectacular, inspiring landscapes, combining the essentials of different places into one, perfect romantic setting to fully articulate his artistic vision. His works have been featured in homes where a premium is placed on style and tasteful serenity. Having sold well over eight thousand originals and prints—including having produced and sold close to 1000 original oil paintings through major galleries—he obviously connects to viewers through his art on more than just aesthetically."I want to communicate with people on an emotional level," White said, "and share with them the calming influence that the natural world has on me."

Long regarded as one of the country's most prolific and celebrated artists, White has enjoyed critical and commercial success with both the public and his peers and critics. His originals are known and collected around the globe—from the United States and Canada to Japan and throughout Europe. He has won numerous awards at juried competitions, including placing in the Top 200 finalists in the 1994 National Arts for the Parks competition. Participating in many one-man shows around the country, Charles has showed his work at the Art Expo in New York, the ABC Show in Atlanta and Art Line 2000 in Orlando. He has been the subject of many newspaper and art magazine articles. Images of his paintings have been licensed by dozens of national companies, and his creative works adorn book covers, greeting cards, calendars, puzzles, plates and many other commercial products across the western world. Outside of his own individual artistic pursuits, he also leads lectures and workshops, has produced an instructional video and teaches art classes in oil and acrylics near his home in the San Francisco Bay Area every week to share his knowledge and techniques with other aspiring artists. He also has written a book about his life and work called, "The Path Worth Taking," which was published in 2011. In the interim, White manages to create between thirty to forty new paintings each year for his expanding number of collectors.

Beyond commercial success, critics and art dealers are especially generous with their praise of the artist who has dedicated his life to the pursuit of tranquil, artful splendor. "You will see in each work that special Charles White touch, a gift that few artists have been given," said Eric Rhoades, publisher of Fine Art Connoisseur and Plein Air Magazine. "Each piece has a spiritual quality because it was painted by a deeply spiritual man whose sole purpose is to inspire you, the viewer."

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