Bounties of the Earth


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  • Certificate of Authentication
  • Open Edition Unsigned
  • Giclee on Canvas
  • Image Size 11 Inches Tall by 10 Inches Wide.
  • Overall Size 11 Inches Tall by 10 Inches Wide.
I love gardening, reconnecting with the world outside, the earth and all of the things that live on it. It seems like growing a garden is a metaphor for everything I know right now. Gardening is a lot work. With all of the challenges, I've had a hard time believing that it will yield fruit at all. It's teaching me patience and reverence for the process of creation and the cycle of life. Another is that there is constant motion with everything that lives. Things are only where they are temporarily, so I try to remember every day to look at my flowers and plants. They are so pretty and delicate. They may be gone soon, but. I get to enjoy them today. It's the same with my kittens and all of everyone and everything around me. I have been learning to respect the delicate balance of life. Life is an ongoing series of miracles. Everyone has something to be thankful for or someone they should they should be saying "thank you" to. Prayers, large and small, are answered daily, sometimes without us even knowing. Ex Votos are fine art offerings commissioned as the result of an answered prayer and displayed to acknowledge an appreciation for it having happened. Today, they are most widely known as the folk art works created on tin and found in shrines across Mexico. "These little artworks are painted out of gratitude for the miracles, protection and prayers answered not only in my life, but for many of us," says artist Cassandra Barney. "In conceiving these, it didn't seem that I was illustrating ideas, but sharing and exchanging them. Some are events that have happened in my life. Others are ideas that have been shared with me. Every mother has experienced the elation of holding their child for the first time and savoring that new-born baby smell. Each time I see Never Felt Joy Like That Before it is a chance to savor that feeling again and say "thank you" for letting me experience this miracle." Each Ex Votos celebrates the exceptional nature of the common and the uncommon - friendship, love, life, family and self. They recognize the divine nature of those things. This collection is styled with the look of the Mexican tin-paneled works and they are designed to be hung in groupings. As gifts, they are the perfect message at the perfect time. Life is full of blessings and Cassandra Barney's Ex Votos give us the opportunity to share our recognition of this with beauty and grace.

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