Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs:Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - Dreams Come True

by Walt Disney Limited Editions

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  • Certificate of Authentication
  • Hand-Painted One-of-Four Limited Edition of 45 Sequential Scenes
  • Framed Hand-Inked, Hand-Painted Cel
  • Image Size 9 Inches Tall by 11 Inches Wide.
  • Framed Size 20.25 Inches Tall by 22.25 Inches Wide.
Hand-Painted One-of-Four Limited Edition of 45 Sequential Scenes
The Artwork These hand-painted cels re-animates a scene from the classic film. Each cel in the edition is a hand-painted original, created in the same way that Disney artists created the scene from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Each piece is set against a colorful background and is numbered to note its uniqueness. Each cel in this edition is created from its own unique drawing used in the original production. This is a sample image, the actual image may vary slightly. The lovely princess, target of an evil spell. The handsome prince, bestower of a tender kiss. Now the prince is overjoyed as Snow White comes back to life. The spell broken by love's first kiss. For as the enraptured Snow White and her Prince rejoice. They are living proof of the power of true love. Here we celebrate this unforgettable scene with "Dreams Come True", a unique limited edition scene collection of hand painted cels, each created from an original production drawing. The image shown represents the scene. Each cel set-up perfectly captures the joy and romance of this classic Disney moment. Disney artists have taken 45 of the One-of-a-kind production drawings and recreated each on cel only four times, evoking the sense of movement or as Disney animators put it "the illusion of life" seen in Walt Disney's and the world's - first animated feature. As was done during the original production process over six decades ago, the cels are meticulously hand inked from the actual, hand-drawn animation drawings, on loan from the Disney Animation Research Library, where all original production art is archived. Then each cel is hand painted with specially formulated paints, matched exactly to the original color created for the original film. This painstaking artistry is executed by the legendary Ink and Paint Department at the Walk Disney Studio in California. Each cel is then set against a giclee re-creation of the original production background and then numbered (using the actual scene, sequence and individual drawing number), giving each owner an exquisite piece of Disney magic to treasure forever.

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