Swan Song

by Thomas Blackshear

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  • Certificate of Authentication
  • Numbered and Signed by Artist
  • Limited Edition of 1,000 Prints
  • Offset Lithograph on Paper
  • Image Size 18.75 Inches Tall by 33.5 Inches Wide.
"I wanted to do something with a Western theme, but with a different slant . . . something fantastic and beautiful at the same time. This is almost a dream state, but it doesn't necessarily have to be a dream. I'm trying to evoke a feeling or an emotion, as opposed to a specific incident. I titled it 'Swan Song' because it symbolizes the end of a way of life on the Great Plains. "Usually when I do a painting that has a sunset in it, there's sunlight and shadow. The elements that are in the sunlight are really bright. But here, the background is light and the figures are darker against the background. If it was true sunlight, the birds would have been bright agaist a blue sky. But that would take away the interesting design pattern of the swans and Indian together. I made them darker than the sky so that you notice that pattern, instead of seeing the light reflecting off them. I wanted to keep it exciting and attractive, yet still with a feeling of silhouette. "No matter what I choose to do, I want it to be interesting and elegant. I love to create and give myself new challenges. That's what drives me as an artist."

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