Joseph's Corner

by Paul Landry

Availability: Good

  • Certificate of Authentication
  • Numbered and Signed by Artist
  • Limited Edition of 350 Canvases
  • Giclee on Canvas
  • Image Size 19.75 Inches Tall by 33.25 Inches Wide.
  • Overall Size 19.75 Inches Tall by 33.25 Inches Wide.
How do you get to a place called "Joseph's Corner?" Well, just stay on the road and you'll come to it, on the right-hand side. You can find fresh milk and eggs, prime meats and even his wife's homemade bread. You'll also find flashlights, cereal, mousetraps, potatoes and candy,. When the time is right, there are garden tools, seeds and some plants that are already started for you. There's feed for your animals, too. Tom will fill up your tank, help carry your groceries and even teach you yo-yo tricks, if you'd like. He's a pro. Joseph's is a favorite spot and everyone should have such a place to remember

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