The Lighthouse Keeper

by John Weiss

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  • Certificate of Authentication
  • Numbered and Signed by Artist
  • Limited Edition of 100 Canvases
  • Giclee on Canvas
  • Image Size 15 Inches Tall by 16 Inches Wide.
  • Overall Size 15 Inches Tall by 16 Inches Wide.
Whether a small mixed terrier or a highly-trained shepherd, dogs are instinctively our guardians. I have always wanted to explore this theme in my artwork, said artist John Weiss. The other inspiration for this painting was one of my favorite escapes, the Marble-head Lighthouse itself, which has long been a place of comfort for me. One evening I went to study the effect of moonlight on the water. The sun had set, but the stars and moon had yet to appear. I looked to the lighthouse, and my thoughts went to the original lighthouse keeper, Benejah Wolcott, and what it must have been like on those lonely nights standing watch, guarding the guardian of Lake Erie. Who better to stand watch at the lighthouse than our loving protectors. Keeping his post ever vigilant, every loyal, could there ever be a better lighthouse keeper than a dog.

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The Artist

John Weiss

I enjoy painting things people can relate to, John Weiss says, "perhaps because I can relate to them myself. They're familiar things, part of an everyday life we can understand and enjoy."

Weiss developed this appreciation during his childhood in Akron, Ohio. His father was a draftsman to whom John credits his disciplined approach to art. He drew throughout his childhood and developed his skill in high school art classes. On a trip to Maine, he saw an exhibit of Andrew Wyeth's work, which inspired him to pursue art while attending Kent State University.

Weiss left college after two years to go into the landscape business, but he returned to full-time painting within four years. "My work is essentially self- taught," he maintains. "I study the work of artists I admire and learn from their methods and techniques. I studied color theory by referring to a color wheel and mixing paints. Experience is the best teacher."

Weiss persevered with his study and his dedication has paid off. Today his paintings of dogs and of horses have an avid and loyal following. "Word of mouth has resulted in my works being sold all over the world," he says. "There was even one portrait of a dog that was presented to Queen Elizabeth by Lady Barlow." Weiss' work is exhibited regularly and recently he won the "Cover of the Year" award from the National Dog Writers Association.

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