Moonlight Passage

by Charles Wysocki

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  • Certificate of Authentication
  • Open Edition Unsigned
  • Canvas Lithograph Transfer
  • Image Size 15 Inches Tall by 17 Inches Wide.
  • Overall Size 15 Inches Tall by 17 Inches Wide.
This is the last painting completed by Charles Wysocki before his passing in 2002.
The following is Charles Wysocki's own commentary written to accompany the release of this charming image. "What a delightful interlude with nature I found in this region of my dear olde Maine. Just one of many remote and scenic inlets, this snug harbor and all its surrounds are bathed in a moonlight that enhances the rich, dark colors, textures and movements here. I clearly recall the hiss of bacon and eggs frying and the enticing aromas of fresh-perked coffee and of pancake batter smacking the grill inside Rosie's. Rose Edweenah Cramer offers just one marvelous meal - breakfast - served all day long. If she's up to it and feels your friendly vibrations, she might just sing and whistle a brief merry tune to accompany your simple menu selections. I invite you to lose yourself in this romantic scene and allow it to soothe your soul as it does mine." - Charles Wysocki Charles Wysocki's work is a celebration of bygone days. His paintings, with wit and grace, capture a storybook era when hard work and quiet pleasures represented the very best of what our country has come to mean. Careful observers will often see the American flag on display in these nostalgic images. Note, however, the flag does not hang limply on the pole but stands out proudly on an imaginary breeze, an on-going salute from the artist to his beloved country.

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The Artist

Charles Wysocki

1928 - 2002

Some things about Charles Wysocki's life can be anticipated. For instance, he collects Early American toys, tobacco tins, folk art, clocks, crockery and books. High on the list of favorite places are Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard . . . and all of New England.

Other things are a surprise - while he paints typically New England scenes, before his passing he lived in California. Yet one only has to look at his work to understand the person. Born in Detroit in 1928, Wysocki enjoyed an active and happy boyhood, which seems reflected in the spirit of his work. Since early childhood, he had no other desire than to be an artist.

After two years in the Army, Wysocki headed west to the Art Center School in Los Angeles, the city where he met his wife Liz, to whom he attributes much of his inspiration because she grew up on a farm. The aspects of her life that affected him were the basics: hard work, personal closeness and contentment with life's "little things."

Wysocki adds, "I hope my paintings revive pleasant thoughts of a bygone era and express a semblance of order and serenity that fills a need in this fast-changing world. I like to add a touch of humor into my work. I see life on the lighter side, in much simpler and more basic forms."

Wysocki's award-winning art is sought-after internationally and has been published in two books, American Celebration and Heartland.

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