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Carl Brenders Limited Edition Art

A Hunter's Dream A Threatened Symbol A Young Generation
Acrobats Meal - Red Squirrel An Autumn Gentleman Apple Harvest
Autumn Lady Autumn Procession Black Sphinx
Black Wolf Blond Beauty Bluebirds
Brotherly Love - Wolf Pups Calm Before the Challenge - Moose Cheek to Cheek
Companions Crowning Glory - Golden-Crowned Kinglets Den Mother - Wolf Family
Den Mother Pencil Sketch Disorderly Conduct Disturbed Daydreams
Down for the Count East of the Sun - Chinese Leopard Eye of the Beholder
Flash of Sapphire - Blue Jay Forager's Reward - Red Squirrel Forest Sentinel - Bobcat
Framed -- Baby Mine Framed -- Brotherly Love - Wolf Pups Free as a Breeze
Full House - Fox Family Ghost Cat - Snow Leopard Ghostly Quiet - Spanish Lynx
Gleam of Gold - Goldfinch Golden Season - Gray Squirrel Harvest Time - Chipmunk
Hidden in the Pines - Immature Great Horned Owls High Adventure - Black Bear Cubs In the Black - Black-Capped Chickadees
Indian Summer - Bugling Elk Ivory-Billed Woodpecker Last Watch
Late Snow - Great Blue Heron Long Distance Hunters Lookout Tower - Wolves
Lord of the Marshes Meadowlark Merlins at the Nest
Mighty Intruder Migration Fever - Barn Swallows Miles to Go
Mother of Pearls Northern Cousins Nosing Around
Off Limits - Bobcat On the Alert - Red Fox On the Old Farm Door
One to One - Gray Wolf Pathfinder - Red Fox Pick of the Pack
Playful Pair - Chipmunks Power and Grace Red Fox Study
Red-Winged Blackbirds Riverbank Kestrel Roaming the Plains - Pronghorns
Robins Rocky Camp - Cougar Family Rocky Kingdom - Bighorn Sheep
Shadows in the Grass - Young Cougars Shoreline Quartet - White Ibis Silent Hunter - Great-Horned Owl
Silent Passage - Cougar Small Talk Snow Leopard Portrait
Sovereign Gold Spark of Ruby - Cardinal Spellbound
Spring Fawn Steller's Jay Summer Roses - Winter Wren
Take Five - Canada Lynx Talk on the Old Fence Tall Grass - Tiger
The Apple Lover The Balance of Nature The Butterfly Collection - The European Group
The Butterfly Collection - The Exotic Group The Family Tree The Garden Visitor
The Good Life - Cougar The Loner The Monarch is Alive
The Nesting Season - House Sparrow The Predator's Walk The Survivor's - Canada Geese
Tundra Summit - Arctic Wolves Under the Pine Trees - Chipmunks Waterside Encounter
West of the Moon - Snow Leopard White Elegance - Trumpeter Swans White Wolves
Witness of a Past - Bison Wolf Scout I Wolf Scout II
Wolf Study Yellow-Bellied Marmot

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