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Terry Redlin - Framed -- And Crown Thy Good with Brotherhood
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Terry Redlin
Framed -- And Crown Thy Good with Brotherhood

America the Beautiful Series

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Terry Redlin - Framed -- And Crown Thy Good with Brotherhood
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Terry Redlin - Framed -- And Crown Thy Good with Brotherhood

America the Beautiful Series

Conservation framed to preserve the value of this limited edition art signed by Terry Redlin.
Triple Custom Cut Archival Matting - Top Suede Steel Blue, Middle White, Bottom Oak
Oak Wood Frame
Conservation U.V. Blocking Glass

"There was something about the opening up of America that seemed to bring out the best in people. It was probably the need to cooperate in building a new way of life from scratch. The holiday season was only the most obvious example of this impulse. Times were slowly getting easier. Electricity had arrived. Automobiles were no longer oddities. And good will extended beyond human neighbors to the wildlife, with corn and a salt lick offered to the curious deer."

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Terry Redlin - Framed -- And Crown Thy Good with Brotherhood
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Terry Redlin Biographical Photo

Terry Redlin Biography

Few artists can rival the standards of excellence achieved by Master Artist Terry Redlin over the past 18 years. He is truly one of the country's most widely collected painters of wildlife and Americana. For five consecutive years, 1991-95, Redlin has been named America's most popular artist by U.S. Art magazine. His use of earthy colors, blazing sunrises and sunsets and nostalgic themes are often cited as the reasons for his immense popularity.

Redlin's interest in the out-of-doors can be traced to his childhood in Watertown, S.D. A motorcycle accident ended his dream of becoming a forest ranger, and he opted to pursue a career in the graphic arts. He earned a degree from the St. Paul School of Associated Arts and spent 25 years working in commercial art as layout artist, graphic designer, illustrator and art director. In his leisure time he researched wildlife subjects and settings.

In 1977, at the age of 40, Redlin burst onto the wildlife scene when his painting "Winter Snows" appeared on the cover of The Farmer magazine. By 1979, demand for his work had become so great that he left his art directing career to concentrate on painting wildlife.

Since then, Redlin's meteoric rise has been unparalleled in the field of contemporary wildlife art. In 1981 and 1984, he won the Minnesota Duck Stamp competition, and in 1982, the Minnesota Trout Stamp contest. He also placed second that year in the Federal Duck Stamp Competition. He has been honored as Artist of the Year for Ducks Unlimited (National and Minnesota), and as Conservationist of the Year-Magnum Donor by the Minnesota Waterfowl Association for his gifts of entire print editions.

In 1985, Redlin added an entirely new artistic direction, limited edition collector plates. To date, he has released more than 20 editions, many of which are now available only on the secondary market. The National Association of Limited Edition Dealers has three times presented him with the "Lithograph of the Year" award for excellence in the medium.

In 1987, Redlin began exploring his interest in Americana subjects and nostalgic scenes of yesteryear, painting several images for his American Memories and Country Doctor Collections. Since then his annual Christmas prints have attracted thousands of collectors from coast to coast. His induction into U.S. Art's Hall of Fame in July, 1992 followed the magazine's poll of 900 galleries nationwide, which placed five of Redlin's limited editions in the top 11 in popularity.

In 1992, he completed his most ambitious work to date, painting each line in the first stanza of "America the Beautiful." All eight, which depict American life from the settling of the west to the present day, were released as limited edition prints over a three year period, ending in January, 1995. The series has been showcased in art and consumer magazines nationwide, and it has been acclaimed by thousands of collectors.

Redlin's immense popularity can also be measured in the success of his book, "Opening Windows to the Wild, The Art of Terry Redlin." In its sixth printing, the book details his paintings, pencil sketches and biography. Always the perfectionist, he personally supervised the printing and production of this important project. A critical as well as a commercial success, the book was a Certificate of Merit winner at the prestigious Printing Industries of America competition in 1988.

"Terry Redlin Paints America the Beautiful," a video, earned a coveted Telly Award in the 1993 national competition.

Terry Redlin derives the most satisfaction from his conservation work. Over the 16 year period from 1981-96, his donations to Ducks Unlimited raised more than $21 million, setting an all-time record in art sales for wetland preservation projects. By his own estimate, he has donated an additional $4 million to other nonprofit conservation organizations.

Redlin's most compelling project at present is the opening of a museum to house his works in Watertown, where he resides during the summer months. Completion is set for fall 1996.

A note from Terry Redlin:

"Throughout my career, I have hand-signed every limited edition print I release. Today, there are many ways for artists to market their prints as signed - even when the artist never touches the print. I have never changed my signing technique. Over the past twenty-five years, I have hand-signed literally hundreds of thousands of prints. It is important to me that you know when you buy a signed Redlin print, I am the person who signed it. My staff hand inspects every print, they hand number the limited editions, and they deliver them to me for my signature."
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