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Rod Frederick - Mountain Echoes
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Rod Frederick
Mountain Echoes

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Rod Frederick - Mountain Echoes
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Rod Frederick - Mountain Echoes

Mountain Echoes is an extraordinary work of art by Rod Fredrick, an exceptional artist who masterfully depicts nature's timelessness. Like ancient monuments erected by the forces of nature, the Tetons are transformed by winter's first snow. Wilderness and wildlife seamlessly intertwine as a herd of bison graze amid the stillness, their color and shape silently echoing those of the mountains and the snow-dusted vegitation.

"The Tetons rise straight up from the ground. Here, late in the fall when the first snow transforms the lansdscape, covering everything on it including the bison, the stillness and sense of solitude deepen."

"Like the stillness of winter in the mountains, the bison is often unheard. I discovered this for myself once while doing field work. Preoccupied by a downy woodpecker, I suddenly found myself surrounded by grazing bison. They paid little attention to me, but I couldn't help but notice how their color and shape resembled those of the mountains, beneath which innumerable herds of their ancestors also once roamed." - Rod Frederick

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Rod Frederick - Mountain Echoes
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