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Peter Ellenshaw - Cinderella - Cinderella's Grand Arrival - Chiarograph
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Peter Ellenshaw
Cinderella - Cinderella's Grand Arrival - Chiarograph

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Black Paper Chiarograph Signed
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* Hand Embellished and Remarqued by Harrison Ellenshaw as shown.
Peter Ellenshaw - Cinderella - Cinderella's Grand Arrival - Chiarograph
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Peter Ellenshaw - Cinderella - Cinderella's Grand Arrival - Chiarograph

The Chiarograph is a fusion of traditional printmaking and the latest digital technology. The characteristic of the Chiarograph medium is unique: while each one has a pattern or part of an image that is repeated, the individual hand painting preparation results in a one of a kind print. Thus, no two prints are identical. The beauty of this media is also in its spontaneity and its combination of printmaking and painting.

Each piece in these black paper limited editions is carefully hand created using a proprietary technique called Chiarography (pronounced keer-ography) which requires an intensive amount of hand preparation and attention. First, each sheet of 485 gram, archival, acid-free black paper undergoes multiple hand brushed basecoats of various medias, which will become the printed area. This hand application of basecoats create the brush stroke texture behind the printed image and ensures each piece in the edition is unique, as no two pieces will ever have the same hand painted undercoat.

Using archival, pigmented inks, the chiarograph printing process identifies the undercoat and prints only on the hand painted area thereby applying the artwork over the texture, and out to the edges of the brushwork. This creates a uniquely organic and whimsical effect to the outer border of each image. Each work of art is then hand-embellished by Harrison Ellenshaw before undergoing three separate coats of hand applied varnish which not only provides UV protection to the image, but results in a luminous sheen to the finish. Finally, Harrison Ellenshaw creates a hand drawn illustration of a film icon specifically for each collection.

Under supervision of Harrison Ellenshaw, these elegant collaborations are signed with Peter Ellenshaw’s official estate signature and personally hand signed by Harrison Ellenshaw, before they are individually hand numbered and approved for sale to the public.

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Peter Ellenshaw - Cinderella - Cinderella's Grand Arrival - Chiarograph
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Peter Ellenshaw Biographical Photo

Peter Ellenshaw Biography

Peter Ellenshaw, whose artistic career spans more than six decades, is a renowned landscape artist, motion picture art director, Academy Award, winning special effects artist and official Disney Legend.

Ellenshaw was born in Great Britian in 1913. A neighbor, Walter Percy Day a famous matte artist of his time, discovered Ellenshaw's talent and took him on as an assistant. Mattes are realistic paintings done on glass, against which films of actors and other parts of the set are projected; then both painting and film are re-photographed to create a new, realistic image.

In 1947, his work caught the attention of an art director for the Walt Disney Studios. Disney was in the pre-planning stages of his very first live-action film, Treasure Island, which would be produced in Great Britian and the art director inquired if Ellenshaw would be interested in the project. Thus began a professional collaboration and friendship with Walt Disney that would span over 30 years and 34 films.

Ellenshaw regarded Walt Disney as a source of inspiration, a wonderful executive, and over the years, a good friend. "Walt had the ability to communicate with artists." Recalls Ellenshaw. "He'd talk to you on your level - artist to artist. He used to say, 'I can't draw, Peter.' But he had the soul of an artist, and he had a wonderful way on transferring his enthusiasm to you."

In 1953 the Ellenshaws moved from Great Britian to the United States where Peter began working full-time for the Walt Disney Studios. Ellenshaw maintained his identity as a traditional landscape artist during his Disney years and always found time on evenings and weekends to work on his own canvases.

One of Ellenshaw's first Disney projects upon his arrival at the Studio was to create a conceptual rendering of something called "Disneyland." Ellenshaw went to work painting an aerial view of the proposed part on a 4'x8' piece of fiberboard. The painting was then used by Walt Disney to help introduce television audiences to his new project, while simultaneously using the painting to attract backers on this exciting new concept in outdoor entertainment.

In 1964 Ellenshaw won the Best Special Visual Effects Academy Award, for his astounding matte work in Walt Disney's beloved line-action musical-fantasy Mary Poppins. Not only did Ellenshaw create the beautiful vistas of Victorian London, he was also responsible for giving inspiration to the creation of the rousing rooftop dance of the chimney sweeps in the lively "Step in Time" sequence.

During his amazing film career, Ellenshaw has been nominated for four Academy Awards.

In 1993, Ellenshaw was officially designated a "Disney Legend" by The Walt Dinsey Company during a ceremony at The Walt Disney Studios officiated by Michael D. Eisner and Roy E. Disney.

Ellenshaw's art can be found in public and private collections around the world. He has had many one-man exhibitions, and his Disney art was included in a retrospective show at New York's Museum of Modern Art. An artist who continually strives to paint better, Ellenshaw has recently turned his artistic attentions to painting the world's most famous golf courses. He says of his career: "The wonderful thing in painting is that one can never reach the peak of one's endeavor."
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